10 Factors in Your Home Appraisal

Timeless or Outdated

For an appraisal, age and design of a home are less important than how well it measures up to other homes. Appraisers attempt to compare a home to other homes that are as similar as possible in design, size and age, and then other factors come into consideration, including upkeep and upgrades.

While split-level houses have passed their peak of popularity and aren't selling nearly as well as more modern, open-plan homes, they also won't be priced against this more contemporary "competition" [source: Ballinger]. So if you own a home with a style that's outdated, consider making it the cleanest and best cared for on the block. Highlighting and making the most out of quirky features works well with older homes because you can contrast furnishings and borrow ideas from design magazines to make your less popular home style stand out among comparable homes. You can't change the layout, but you can update the outdated.

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