10 Signs an Agent Is No Good at Selling Houses

The agent declines to allow a performance clause.

While it's typical for real estate agents to come to a meeting with a contract in hand, don't be dazzled by the length and scope of that contract. The document you sign should be as much yours as it is the agent's. It's easy to be baffled by a long document, but the terms of every contract are negotiable. And when you're selling your No. 1 investment, your wishes belong in that contract.

A performance clause can be very simple. You can ask that if no buyers have requested to see the house in the course of the month, then the agent must schedule an open house. If you want to make sure the house is shown, you need to be specific about how often you want it shown and what constitutes a showing.

If an agent, in that initial interview, declines to give you an exit from the contract on the basis of his performance, then you might want to keep looking.

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