10 Tips for Staging Your Home

Curb Appeal

Nowadays, curb appeal means more than just analyzing your yard, lawn and front elevation to make sure it's beautiful and welcoming. Online photography is an extension of getting people out of their cars and into your listing: With people shopping online for practically everything, you have to make sure they're motivated to take that extra step of getting off their computers in the first place!

Once they're in the car, meeting an agent or just doing a drive-by, the more common definition of curb appeal comes into play. Walk out to the street and see what catches your eye first: Is the entry inviting and unique? Is the door covered by overgrown shrubs? Do you have any distracting lawn ornaments or quirky features that might be better off removed for now? Remember, one house's conversation piece is another family's eyesore, so keep it neutral.

Turn on your sprinklers before showings to give your lawn extra sparkle, make sure your house numbers are easily visible and bring nature right up to the door with potted blooming flowers in terracotta pots (yellow is said to be the most inviting color). Finally, remember: Curb appeal is a round-the-clock concern. People could be zooming by at any time of the day or evening, so it's important to make sure your home looks as inviting as possible so your buyers will remember to make an appointment in the morning.

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