10 Tips for Staging Your Home

Outdoors, Garage and Foyer

While it's true that the typical homebuyer decides on a house within eight seconds, it's important to pay special attention to areas beyond the kitchen and bath. Your outdoor areas, driveway, garage and entryway are often easy to overlook. They might be where your clutter builds up, but they can also be helpful in sales if treated nicely.

Solar lighting along the driveway looks welcoming, and lanterns can easily brighten darker areas in front and back. Planting or potting flowers brings a sense of security and completeness. A new doormat is a must. Remember, the first impression is usually the only one you'll be giving.

Entryways are much more than a place for your keys: Staged properly, they invite the buyer to spend as much time as possible exploring your house. A small bench or table, an attractive spread of cookies or an array of candles can make your foyer intriguing and comforting to new visitors.

While you may use the garage as a catchall, you can transform the whole feel of your house by cleaning it out, bleaching the floors, painting the walls and letting a little light in. A spotless, well-organized garage is a lovely surprise that shows your buyer how meticulous you can be.