10 Tips for Staging Your Home

Master Bedroom

Staging your bedroom means emphasizing its size while keeping a focus on comfort, privacy and intimacy. Decor should be kept to a minimum, but do what you can to balance out any dark woods in your furnishings. The lighting here should remain soft and natural when possible, and classic white bedding is a great way to add elegance without darkening the room. Mix and match textures the way you would color and you can really make your furniture pop.

Since you don't know who will be buying your house, the master bedroom should be staged equally for both partners and both sexes. Simple, neutral elegance will sell this room better than any overly masculine or feminine touches or themes. Limit furnishings to a few classic pieces, remove family photographs of any kind and make sure any decoration is beautiful and neutral, as this will become the most personal and special area in the home.

Remove 80 percent of the clothing from your closet and pack it up, including your shoes. A sparse but organized closet seems larger and makes the room more elegant. Place a lamp and night table on either side of the bed, and use artwork and furniture placement to focus the eye on the bed. If you're feeling ambitious, set up a breakfast tray. Imagining a relaxing breakfast in a beautiful bed may be what sends your buyers over the edge!