10 Tips for Staging Your Home


For most buyers, the kitchen and bathrooms are the areas of greatest importance. We spend an awful lot of time in those rooms, and there are many ways to fail your buyer's personal tests. Grime is unacceptable: As clean as your entire house absolutely must be for show, that goes double for the kitchen and bath. Additionally, you want the bathroom to be well-lit, but not harsh or overly bright.

The idea for the bathroom is to create an environment of Zen calm and spa pampering. Scents, soft textures and soothing colors engage the senses, while every fixture and faucet should gleam like new. The bathroom should sell itself as a place of luxury.

In addition to classic touches like potpourri and freshly folded towels, imagine other ways to make your bathroom seem like a fantastic getaway. Replace and update fixtures as necessary, and hang up the fluffiest robe you can find to imply that sense of luxury. A tray of unused soaps, a soft rug (no dirty bathmats!) and flowers will make this oasis a high point on the tour.

No matter your dedication to the staging process, you and your family will continue to need the bathroom for its intended purposes. Keep your personal towels, toothbrushes and other items in a plastic caddy that you can hide away at a moment's notice, along with a spray bottle of glass cleaner for last-minute touchups.

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