10 Things to Do Before You List Your House


Accept it. You're never going to be able to list you house successfully without cleaning it first. Even the maids will probably take a pass on the heavy-duty cleanup unless you make some inroads before you pass the baton.

If it's been a decade since you washed the blinds, expect the process to be painful. Actually, dirt, dust and grime may not be the worst part of tidying up. The worst part is getting at stuff to clean it. Sure, it's easy to recognize that you should pull the stove out and clean behind it every couple of months, or pull out the fridge to vacuum the condenser coils, but bench pressing your own weight may not be one of your many talents. Simple solution: Bake pie. The smell is bound to attract an only-slightly-unwilling laborer with upper body strength. Some ice cream for after is a nice touch, too.