10 Things You Should Never Tell the Listing Agent

Only Bring Me Serious Offers

A listing agent following their legal and ethical duty will keep you informed of all offers that you receive. However, if you tell the listing agent that you don't want to hear offers below a certain price, he or she could tell a buyer that you're not interested. It's good practice to make sure the listing agent knows that you want to hear any offer that they receive, no matter how small. You should even insist on hearing all offers in the language of your listing agreement. Unscrupulous agents who want to get a higher commission might not tell you about a low offer and instead hold out for a better one. Even a trustworthy agent might think they are acting in your best interest, and not bother to bring you low bid [source: Smart Money]. Especially in a buyer's market, offers that seem low at first can become acceptable through negotiations and counter offers. Even if you end up rejecting those low offers, you should hear about them so that you can make educated decisions about whether you need to lower your listing price.

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