10 Tips for Pricing Your Home

A Fair Price

You now have the information and skills you need to name a fair price for your home. It's about data aggregation, or taking into account everything you've explored thus far: online calculators, CMAs, perhaps an appraisal, your expertise with comparables and the conditions of your local market. One strong method is to start by naming an extreme low and an extreme high, then using your information to narrow in on the best price.

Once you have it, write this price down and circle it in red pen. If you've been honest and rational, and you've done your homework thoroughly, you should set this price as your emotional baseline. Anything over it is gravy. And if you end up selling below it, you can either shake your head (it might be the market's fault) or kick yourself (the fault might be yours).

That's because a fair price is only a start. There are reasons a buyer might be willing to overpay slightly for your house, and there are reasons you might need to underprice it. Read on to find out more.