10 Tips for Pricing Your Home


Sweeten the Deal

You listed a fair price for a standard deal: An agent sells to a buyer who is financed through a bank and plans to occupy the empty house in a couple of months. Almost every word in the preceding sentence costs you money.

Think about the agent. If you offer the house for-sale-by-owner, consider knocking 3 percent off your fair price and pocketing the other 3 percent that would've been the agent's commission. (But also be aware that you'll work for this 3 percent by selling yourself.)

Another way to sweeten the deal is by offering seller financing or the option to lease. Buyers who are having problems finding a lender might be willing to pay a premium on the price of the house if you offer a way to sidestep bank requirements. You'll need to speak to a good financial advisor and likely an attorney if you hope to offer seller financing. Leasing a house is easier and allows buyers without a down payment to (effectively) apply a couple years' worth of rent to the purchase price of the house.

Offering the option of a fully furnished house might be attractive to some buyers, allowing you to add to the listing price. Also, a buyer who needs a place to live next week is likely willing to pay more for the privilege of quick escrow.