10 Ways to Stop a Foreclosure

Emergency Mortgage Assistance Programs

If the foreclosure process is too overwhelming for you or your lender is being difficult to work with, you may want to seek assistance from an emergency mortgage assistance program. Unlike scam artists who will try to charge you money or even trick you into signing your deed over to them, these organizations are government funded and free of charge. HOPE NOW, for example, provides debt management and credit and foreclosure counseling to help you manage your finances and prevent foreclosure [source: HOPE NOW]. If you've already missed payments, HOPE NOW has relationships with mortgage firms and investors and can help create a plan amicable to all parties to help get you back on track and save your home. The Homeownership Preservation Foundation or Making Home Affordable programs may also be able to help you avoid foreclosure. Just make sure you reach out to a reputable organization that is government funded to avoid foreclosure scams.

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