10 Ways to Stop a Foreclosure

Know Your Mortgage Rights

You may not have been concerned about all of the "fine print" during closing, but if you're not making your mortgage payments, you need to know everything about the contract you signed. Although your lender has a right to repossess your home and force you into foreclosure, you have rights, too. Do your research to know what your rights are to help you avoid foreclosure. Pay special attention to dates and timelines to ensure you complete essential tasks on time and avoid legal action. Since laws and timelines vary by state, you should educate yourself on your state's particulars by visiting your state's government housing office or its Web site. You should also brush up on the foreclosure process in general. You may think abandoning your house will help the situation, when in fact your lender could hold you responsible for any vandalism or damage that occurs if you voluntarily abandon your home [source: Santich].