10 Ways to Stop a Foreclosure

Forbearance and Repayment Programs

In many cases, the reason someone is unable to make their mortgage payment is temporary. If you lost your job, the financial burden will only last until you are able to secure a new job. Perhaps your financials have been strained by an unexpected medical emergency. Whatever the reason, if you can assure your lender the circumstances are temporary, they may be able to grant you a special forbearance with a repayment program. Although special forbearance is an FHA term, your lender for a conventional loan will most likely have a similar program. A special forbearance is a temporary loan modification that may involve reducing or completely suspending your payments for an agreed-upon amount of time. Once you have recovered from your temporary financial strain, a repayment program will allow you to pay back your missed or reduced payments with a monthly amount you are comfortable with [source: HUD].

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