10 Paint Colors to Help Sell Your Home


An all-white room, or one painted in a light beige or brown, may come off feeling cold and flat; those tones reflect plenty of natural light, but their lack of color can create a feeling of emptiness. To remedy this problem, consider using a shade of yellow to bring a welcome level of warmth to the room.

Yellow evokes images of sunlight, summer and clear, bright days when paired with white trim. When used with darker accents, such as stained cabinetry, the color can radiate the warmth of a kitchen full of home-baked breads and cookies. Which mood you want to create depends on your home's design. Imagine the house as a stage: Would one of these colors fit better in the theatrical scene you would most like to create?

As with many bright colors, there is such a thing as too much yellow when preparing your home for sale. Stay away from glaring chromatic yellows, which may bring a sense of frantic intensity -- rather than happy warmth -- to your visitors' minds [source: Demesne].

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