5 Pet Problems to Fix Before You Sell Your House


Scratches are common in any home, but in a home with pets, there will be a lot more of them. Just make sure you take notice of every inch of your home. If you've been living there a while, there's a good chance you've grown accustomed to scratches and may not notice them anymore. If you have hardwood floors, you may want to consider having them professionally refinished, depending on the amount of damage.

Also are there scratches on your walls or trim? If so, a light sanding followed by some Spackle and a fresh paint job should do the trick to get those repaired. The same is true for the doors and painted cabinets. If there is significant scratching damage on your stained wood cabinets (maybe on the one cabinet door where you keep the dog treats), you might need to replace the door if you can find the exact style and color. And once again, check your furniture. Buyers will notice the damage and realize you own pets, which could deter them from buying your home.

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