5 Pet Problems to Fix Before You Sell Your House


Odors are the No. 1 pet problem that need to be fixed before you attempt to sell your home. Not only are odors very obvious when buyers first enter your a home, they are usually very difficult to get rid of. Home buyers know this and could immediately scratch your house off their list. Although getting rid of odors the right way might mean making an investment, the benefit and resulting resale value are well worth it.

Where do these odors live? Everywhere. Try to make sure you know each location your pet had an accident. Even a leaking fish tank can cause an unwelcome odor. Did your cat get sick on the windowsill? If so, a simple paint job to cover the stain won't remove the smell. You'll have to replace the wood to completely remove it. The same is true for flooring. If your puppy had an accident on the carpet, it's important to replace the carpet, as well as the pad below. And substantial stains can even seep into the subfloor through the carpet pad. If you think this is the case for your home, it's best to hire a professional if the subfloor needs replacing. Otherwise, painting it with an odor-free primer before replacing the carpet might do the trick.

Odors can also live in drywall, trim and your furniture. Be sure to replace or remove these items from your home. Finally, be sure to vacuum daily during the time you're showing your home. It's not just accidents that cause bad odors. Your pet's hair, dander and sweat create odors as well. If you don't board them, or have a friend keep your pets while you're showing your home, it's important to vacuum to eliminate new odors from appearing.

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