What are the basics for staging your home?

A clean home will have greater appeal to prospective homebuyers. Cleaning is the most important component in home staging. To stage a home, however, there's much more involved than just scrubbing the bathroom floor and vacuuming. Before you open up your home to potential buyers, it's recommended that you steam-clean the carpets, replace the shower curtains, clean underneath your kitchen countertops, remove any dirty grout that has accumulated between tiles and dust the ceiling fans and molding. The goal is for there to be no dirt anywhere inside your home. Such an ambitious undertaking may require that you hire a cleaning service.

Another key step in getting your home ready to be viewed by prospective buyers is to remove all personal items. Your goal is to sell the space, which becomes more difficult if a potential homebuyer is constantly distracted by all your memorabilia and personal items. There's a split among professional home stagers as to whether mirrors should be removed from a home prior to a viewing. Some professionals assert that mirrors distract potential buyers, while others claim that mirrors are beneficial since they make a home look bigger.

You should also look for ways to increase the amount of light that reaches your home's interior. For example, you should open all the window shades and curtains. Some professionals even suggest that all window dressings be removed. If you decide to do this, remember to be on the lookout for nails and holes in the wall that may appear after you have taken down the window dressings. If the weather cooperates, it's also a good idea to open your windows before a showing - fresh air is very appealing. Finally, a clever way to make your home appear bigger and brighter is to turn all the lights on.