Offer Tips

Don't lose out with a weak offer. See more real estate pictures.
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I can’t say this strongly or often enough:

You make your money on the buy.

“Well, that’s fine and dandy,” you say. “But isn’t everyone looking to buy a dollar with fifty cents?  How am I going to get my hands on the bargain-priced listings first?”

There are a few different ways to find that unbelievable deal and close it: Use your connections, make a low-price offer (in-elegantly called “lowballing”), or bid on a property riddled with a problems that other buyers would find too daunting to take on. 

There is a fourth way to potentially score a deal, which is to buy a house in bankruptcy or foreclosure — pre-foreclosure is an even better option if you can find it because you save the owner in potential default from completely ruining their credit with a foreclosure in their history by bailing them out before the bank takes over!