The Rebutia are small ball or barrel-shaped flowering cacti with small spines that look a lot like the Mammillaria, but their tubercles are arranged in spirals. The flowers come in a variety of colors and are sometimes larger than the plant.

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The rebutia, a ball- or barrel-shaped cactus, features small spines and spiral tubercles.
Rebutia. See more pictures of cacti.

Rebutias are among the better indoor bloomers. Their flowers, which close up at night, will last four or five days. Rebutias need bright light, heavy soil with excellent drainage, good air circulation and cool to cold night temperatures. They prefer to be drenched and let dry.

Cactus Profiles

Aeonium Melocactus
Agave Mountain Cereus
Alluaudia procera Nananthus schoonesii
Calibanus hookerii Rat Tail Cactus
Crassula Rebutia
Echeveria Sedum
Elephant Bush Senecio
Eulychnia saint-pieana Spider Cactus
Ferocactus Stapelia
Foxtail Asparagus Fern Tephrocactus
Gasteria Torch Cactus
Haageocereus chrysacranthus Trichodiadema olearea
Holiday Cactus Yucca

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