Red Perennial Flowers

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In art, red and green are considered complementary colors. They sit opposite each other on the color wheel, and are valued for the sharp contrast they produce. It's no surprise, then, that red flowers are much prized in the garden. They stand out, enlivening the foliage with a burst of color. Even on the dreariest day, red flowers have a dramatic visual impact.

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These red perennial flowers will bring a blaze of crimson to your garden every year. With basic care, you can count on them to lend a colorful streak to any landscape. Your local garden center will confirm that these blossoms will work in your area, but it's worth looking at flowers that will complement your greenery so well.

Red Perennial Flower for Full Sun:

  • Gaillardia, Blanket Flower


Red Perennial Flowers for Partial Shade:

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