Renanthera Brookie Chandler Orchid

Renanthera Brookie Chandler gets its generic name from the shape of its anthers: “renas; kidney” and “anthera; anther.”

Renanthera Brookie Chandler Orchid
Renanthera Brookie Chandler Orchid

An epiphytic or terrestrial genus that originated in east Asia and the Pacific Islands, Renanthera Brookie Chandler orchid contains some interesting monopodial orchids. Some are dwarfs, and others are over seven feet tall. Most have red, yellow, or orange (generally speckled) flowers which grow in groups of ten or more.

Renanthera Brookie Chandler prefers house temperatures. It can take 55°F temperatures when it is young. It likes full sun and plenty of water during the growing season. Decrease the amount of water during dull days and during the winter. When watering, keep water off the leaves.

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