Rock Cress

By: C. Colston Burrell The of oval leaves with dozens of See more pictures of perennial flowers.

The rock cress is a charming plant that hugs rock surfaces like a rug. The genus means "Arabia" and could refer to the fact that the plants revel in warm sand and sun.


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Description of rock cress: These creepers are made up of tufted rosettes of oval leaves covered with white down. In spring, they send up 1-foot stems covered with dozens of 4-petaled flowers, 1/2 inch wide and with a sweet scent. Ease of care: Easy.

Growing rock cress: These plants resent hot and damp summers and must have perfect drainage. Spent blossoms should be cut to neaten up the plants.


Propagating rock cress: By division in early spring or fall or by seed.

Uses for rock cress: Rock cresses are best suited for a rock garden or for cultivation in a wall garden.

Rock cress related species: Arabis ferdinandi-coburgi Variegata bears its white flowers on 5-inch stems and has creamy white and green leaves with a faint touch of pink. Flore-Pleno is the double, white-flowered form with 10-inch stems; Snow Cap is a single form with flowers on 8-inch stems; and Compinkie bears rose-red flowers on 6-inch stems.

Scientific name for rock cress: Arabis caucasica


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