What is a rotary drill press?

A rotary drill press is a tool that can bore holes through tough materials. Since the drill press is stationary, it allows for more control and accuracy than a hand-held drill. This is particularly important if you need to make a pattern of repetitive holes. The drill press is able to make precise holes in wood, metals and various other materials. A rotary table can allow you to drill holes at various angles and can be purchased with premade holes. It’s recommended that you attach a vise to your drill press table to hold the wood or metal in position while you drill.

A drill press can be adjusted to different speeds to suit the material being drilled, as well as to avoid damaging the bits. The bits are the cutting tools that can be attached to the drill. The size of the bit determines the size of the hole that you can make. You’ll need one set of drill bits that are appropriate for boring holes into steel and other strong materials and another set for softer materials such as wood and aluminum.


Drill presses are available in two models: benchtop and floor. The benchtop model is more appropriate for smaller and less complicated jobs. They have a smaller capacity than floor models, which means that the width of the material they can drill through is limited. The quill strokes are longer in floor models, so deeper holes can be drilled. Floor models offer a wider range of spindle speeds to better suit the texture of materials drilled and the thickness of the piece. For example, wood can be drilled at a higher speed than metal.

A range of accessories can be attached to your rotary drill press to enable it to sand, grind, buff and shape, as well as drill.