By: Larry Hodgson

Prune the schefflera as it ages to stimulate branching.See more pictures of house plants.

The schefflera is a house plant with large, shiny leaflets arranged like the spokes on an umbrella. To fill out the tree, the schefflera is often sold several plants per pot for a fuller look.

When a single plant loses its lower leaves through aging, it can look quite barren. When this happens, prune it back severely to stimulate branching. Spider mites can be a problem if the air is dry. Some of the newer cultivars, such as Amate, are quite resistant to them.


Schefflera Quick Facts

Scientific Name:Brassaia actinophylla

Common Names: Schefflera; Octopus Tree, Queensland Umbrella Tree

Light Requirement for Schefflera: Bright Light to Filtered Light

Water Requirementfor Schefflera: Drench, Let Dry

Humidityfor Schefflera: Average Home

Temperaturefor Schefflera: House

Fertilizerfor Schefflera: Balanced

Potting Mixfor Schefflera: All-Purpose

Propagationof Schefflera: Air Layering, Seed

Decorative Usefor Schefflera: Floor, Table

Care Ratingfor Schefflera: Easy


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