The Sedum cactus comes primarily from the northern hemisphere. The name sedum comes from the Latin "sedeo; I sit," which suggests that many of them will sit and grow anywhere they happen to land.

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The sedum cactus is ideal for a rock garden since it will grow in places that other plants find inhospitable.
Sedum. See more pictures of cacti.

The hardy sedums are ideal rock garden plants since they will grow for years in spots that other plants find inhospitable.

Sedum acre (stone-crop) is a creeping plant with thin stems covered with small, yellow-green succulent leaves. The cheerful yellow flowers look like small stars. Hardy outdoors, it is an attractive plant indoors. It is especially handy to have if, like Pliny, you believe that wrapping a section in black cloth and slipping it under your pillow will cure insomnia.

Sedum morganianum (burro tail, donkey's tail) has weak, brittle stems that sometimes hang more than five feet below the pot.

The sedum morganianum has weak, brittle stems that often hang more than five feet below the pot.
Sedum morganianum

Sedum rubrotinctum (Christmas cheer), sometimes known as Sedum guatemalense, has thick, fleshy, green leaves tipped with red. The brighter the light is, the redder the leaves become.

Sedum lineare Variegatum is a spreading, low growing succulent with small, narrow, pointed leaves that are edged with creamy-white. It does well in hanging baskets that are hard to water.

Sedum sieboldii, which is somewhat hardy outdoors, has stems that grow from thick roots like the spokes of a wheel. The leaves are round and have serrated edges which are often red. There is also a variegated form that is streaked with white.

Give sedums bright light, heavy soil with good drainage, cool night temperatures and good air circulation. Drench and let dry. The leaves will shrivel if they go without water for months, but the plant will revive if watered before all the leaves drop.

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