Small Details That Add Extra Style to Your Space

The stonework and the lanterns give this space a unique feel. See more deck and patio decor pictures.

Taking a well-deserved stroll around your property is one of the nicest things about summertime. Ah, isn't your manicured lawn and colorful perennial border pretty as a picture? The spicy aroma wafting from the herbs growing along your deck sure smells better than a can of indoor air freshener, doesn't it? Have a seat and relax, because life out on the patio is pretty darned perfect -- almost.

Americans are taking full advantage of their outdoor spaces these days. Good news travels fast, and the good news here is that spending more time outdoors during the summer months is a low cost way to add an extra room to your home during two to three seasons of the year. Instead of spending money on a formal room addition that can cost a fortune -- and look like an architectural afterthought -- you can add style to your landscape with an outdoor space that's cost efficient and flexible. You can use it for family functions where a little spilled tropical punch won't be a disaster. You can also entertain outdoors with a lot less preparation than planning a formal meal in the dining room (and all the stress that entails).

Putting together a garden space has never been easier than it is today. It's an option that's growing in popularity, and that's probably not going to change any time soon. People are staying in their homes longer, so inexpensive, fun solutions to problems like lack of space and cabin fever are big business. You can find outdoor furnishings, fixtures and accessories to fit almost any budget. Outdoor stuff isn't flimsy, either. If you want to sprawl in comfort, there's a lounger -- with a comfy cushion -- out there that will make your backside happy the warm weather is here at last.

Even though just about any outdoor space with a comfortable place to sit will work for some folks, staring at the same shrubs day-after-day can get a little -- predictable. Sure, nature is great, but when counting fireflies becomes the high point of your evening, it may be time to look for a few outdoor enhancements that will make life on your deck a little more diverting. We aren't talking about installing a waterproof flatscreen or koi pond complete with illuminated waterfall. A few small details can enhance your outdoor experience without breaking the budget in the process.

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