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Using Fire Pits to Add Warmth and Style

Before there was color TV, there was fire. Yes, instead of listening to a canned laugh track, you can spend your evenings gazing into your very own pond of fire. Fire pits are surprisingly functional. They provide a focal point for outdoor spaces and can even look attractive during the daylight hours when they're not in use. What could be better than a cheerful fire when the heat of the day gives way to chilly evening breezes? You can stretch out in front of the crackling flames and contemplate the wonders of the universe. Speaking of the universe, just look up. The night sky will be directly overhead to delight and engross you. Sounds nice, huh?

A fire pit can be designed as a secondary seating area where friends can gather to have a drink, chat or make s'mores. Some fire pits can also double as grills. They provide warmth, too, so you can stay outdoors longer on chilly nights and extend the autumn season in the garden. They also supply a little additional light, so you won't have to stumble around looking for that bowl of pretzels.

Fire pits are one of the most popular outdoor room accessories on the market. Before you rush out to buy one:

  • Check the local ordinances in your area. Adding a fire pit may require a permit.
  • Many areas of the country experience cyclical drought conditions, so adding a fire pit may be discouraged or illegal.
  • To add a fire pit to your property, you'll need a flat, open spot that's at least 10 feet away from trees, shrubs, firewood, fences, buildings or anything else that's potentially flammable.
  • There are faux stone products on the market designed especially for use in fire pit construction. They're lightweight and easy to work with. They look pretty authentic, too.
  • Using real brick or stone may end up being a two-person job. Moving stone can be heavy work.
  • Because fire pits are so popular, there are now a number of DIY kits available that make fire pit assembly a lot easier than it used to be. Take the time to explore all the options before you buy.

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