Snowstorm Bacopa

by permission: - Stella Hinkle’ Snowstorm bacopa is a versatile annual that looks beautiful in window boxes, planters, and as ground cover. See more pictures of annual flowers.

Snowstorm bacopa is a new annual that is taking America by storm. An Old World native, it was discovered filling out lush hanging baskets in an Australian nursery and brought to America as a Proven Winners introduction. Propagated by cuttings, and not by seed, it is a welcome newcomer for window boxes, planters, pots, and a garden ground cover.

Description of of snowstorm bacopa: On creeping or cascading stems, hundreds of small, five-petaled, white flowers stand above rounded and toothed leaves. Stems can get to be a foot long, spreading across the soil surface or draping gracefully down the side of a pot.


How to grow snowstorm bacopa: Bacopa grows well from sun to shade, but requires abundant water in sunny areas. Provide well-drained but rich soil in a garden or planter. When grown in a basket or container, fertilize regularly with a high nitrogen fertilizer.

Propagating snowstorm bacopa: This is a patented plant and unauthorized propagating of it is illegal.

Uses for for snowstorm bacopa: Use alone or in combination with other annuals in pots, baskets, and other containers. Or let the stems creep around the base of taller annuals or perennials or along a retaining wall or front edging of a garden bed.

Snowstorm bacopa related varieties: 'Snowflake' is an older variety with smaller flowers, less vigor, and less tolerance to heat and diseases.

Scientific name for snowstorm bacopa: Sutera cordata, 'Snowstorm'


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