Sorrel is a salad green that can be grown almost anywhere in the United States. This very hardy plant can be harvested throughout the growing season.

Garden sorrel grows about 3 feet tall and produces sour-tasting leaves that are good when used fresh in salad recipes. French sorrel grows only 6 to 12 inches tall; its fiddle-shaped leaves make good salad greens. The weed variety is bitter and is not good for eating.


Common Name: Sorrel

Scientific Name: Rumex acetosa

Hardiness: Very Hardy (will survive first frost)

In the next section, we'll show you how to grow sorrel.

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Growing Sorrel

Sorrels are very hardy greens that can be grown in almost every area of the United States. Sorrels require a sunny location with well-drained fertile soil.

Plant sorrels from seed two to three weeks before the average date of last frost. Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep. When the plants are 6 to 8 weeks old, thin them to 12 to 18 inches apart.


Sorrel plants should be kept moist; water them more often than the rest of the garden.

Harvesting Sorrel

Pick the fresh leaves of sorrel throughout the growing season. Pick off flowers before they mature to keep the plant producing new leaves long into the fall.

Types of Sorrel

Garden sorrel and French sorrel are sold under their common names. From seed to maturity is about 100 days.

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