Circles of Stone

Stone circles will give your garden definition.
Stone circles will give your garden definition.



  • Safety goggles
  • Shovel
  • Mallet
  • Small shovel
  • Gardening "Claw"
  • Tamping Tool
  • Paver base (crushed stone)
  • Leveling Sand
  • Interlocking bricks (they should have a lip on the back and be able to hold water/moisture)
  • Potting Soil
  • Flowers/Plants of your choice (Meriel used Japanese Silver Grass, Mums, Purple globe Amaranthus)


  1. Be sure to wear safety goggles. Use a mallet or shovel to remove the existing wall. Using your claw or small shovel, move the soil to the edges to give you an even surface. Be sure to fill all of the gaps around the edges. Remove all of the pieces of broken brick and old material from your previous flowerbed.
  2. Using your tamping tool tamp your soil down to give you a solid base. Tamp the entire flowerbed. Place your patio paver base around the entire edge of the flowerbed making a ring around the edge. The patio paver base is basically a crushed stone (it is a heavier base). Using your tamping tool, tamp down the crushed stone.
  3. Lay leveling sand over your base/crushed stone following the ring you created around the edge. Using your tamping tool, tamp down the sand.
  4. Lay your bricks evenly in a circle around your flowerbed. Make a second row by hooking the lip of the top brick over the bottom brick. Place the bricks over the gap so you they are evenly placed but have a staggered look.
  5. Add the potting soil to the middle of your flowerbed. Plant the flowers/plants of your choice.