Summer Squash

Summer Squash Types

You have many summer squash types to choose from when growing squash. We've listed the different varieties below.

From crookneck to zucchini (it's green, but it counts!) squash, summer squash comes in a number of types, making it a key ingredient in many summer dishes.

Depending on what type of summer squash you are growing,
harvesting time can range from 43 to 60 days.

Crookneck Squash Types:

  • Early Golden Summer, harvest in 53 days, gives fruit with bright yellow, warted skin.
  • Pic-N-Pic, pluck in 50 days, has golden-yellow, smooth skin.
Scallop Squash Types:
  • Peter Pan Hybrid, harvest 50 days, is an All America Selection that provides meaty, light-green fruit.
  • Early White Bush Scallop, harvest in 60 days, produces fruit that has pale green skin and creamy-white flesh.
Straightneck Squash Types:
  • Butterstick, harvest in 50 days, produces bright yellow fruit and has a long harvest period.
  • Goldbar, harvest in 53 days, has compact growth and provides fruit with smooth, golden-yellow skin.
Zucchini Squash Types:
  • Burpee Hybrid, harvest in 50 days, has medium-green skin and compact plants.
  • Gold Rush, which should be harvested in 45 days, and Golden Zucchini, which should be harvested in 54 days, have bright golden skin.
  • Spineless Beauty, harvest in 43 days, produces fruits on spineless plants.
In the next section, you'll learn about how to select the best summer squash.

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