How Tankless Toilets Work

Special Features of Tankless Toilets

Many tankless toilets come with a sleek, modern style.
Many tankless toilets come with a sleek, modern style.
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If you're looking for a tankless toilet for your home, you'll soon find that there are countless add-ons that can be applied to them. For example, some models allow users to adjust the volume of water used in a flush, depending on the nature of the waste. In other words, you can choose a normal flush for solids or a partial flush for liquid waste. Also available on some standard tank toilets, this is an excellent tool for water conservation and a feature that will likely be available on more toilet models in the coming years.

Another plus with high-performance tankless toilets is aesthetics. They typically come in a sleek, modern design that takes up less space -- and is less noticeable -- than tank-style toilets. They can also be much quieter than standard toilets, assuming they are fitted noise-reduction technology.

They are also are marketed as having improved performance when it comes to bowl cleanliness. In other words, the powerful flushes are supposed to prevent any left over waste in the bowl. In addition, they often come with a variety of comfort features, including:

  • Personal cleansing
  • Heated seats
  • Spray massage
  • Warm air dryers
  • Air purification systems
  • Hands-free automatic flushing

Traditionally, looks and the luxury add-ons were the main motivation for buying a performance toilet. These days, space-saving is a major motivation, with water conservation coming in at a close second. In the next section, we review the water-saving potential of tankless and other toilet models.