Tree Peony

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The tree peony's flowers perfectly encapsulate Victorian cottage charm.
The tree peony's flowers perfectly encapsulateVictorian cottage charm.

The tree peony is a highly decorative deciduous shrub that thrives in most climates. It oozes charm and is often seen in cottage-style gardens.

These elegant, upright shrubs produce spectacular cupped blossoms in early summer in shades that included red, pink, yellow, and white, sometimes with a poppylike dark blotch at the base of the petals.


The shrubs may grow to 7 feet tall and as wide but may be kept smaller by selective pruning.

Tree Peony Quick Facts:

Scientific Name: Paeonia suffruticosa

Scientific Name:Paeonia suffruticosa

Common Name: Tree peony

Type of Plant: Deciduous shrub

Growing Zones for Tree Peony: Hardy to zone 5

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