Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Trees, shrubs and vines are a key element of a beautiful home that you shouldn't underestimate. Learn everything you need to know about trees, shrubs and vines.


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Tamarack Tree

Tamarack tree is one of the few conifers that loses its leaves in winter, displaying lovely fall coloration beforehand. Learn how to grow and use tamarack tree in your landscaping project.

Tulip Tree

Tulip tree is widely planted as an ornamental tree throughout North America and Europe owing to its graceful shape and unique flowers. Learn how to grow and use tulip tree in your yard or garden.

Washington Hawthorn Tree

Washington hawthorn tree is a showy fruit tree which resists fireblight and grows an abundance of red berries. Learn how to grow and use Washington hawthorn tree in your yard or garden.

Western Yellow Pine Tree

Western yellow pine tree, also called ponderosa pine tree, is a hearty specimen tree that can grow to 100 feet. Learn how to grow and maintain western yellow pine tree.

White Ash Tree

White ash tree is a popular choice for landscaping because it is fast-growing and requires little care. Learn how to grow and use white ash tree in your yard or garden.

White Fir Tree

White fir tree, sometimes known as Colorado fir, is native to the Rocky Mountains and thrives in cool, humid environments. Learn how to grow and use white fir tree in your yard or garden.

Eastern Hemlock Tree

Eastern hemlock tree is a versatile specimen tree native to North America. Many people also plant eastern hemlock trees as low hedges. Learn how to grow and maintain the eastern hemlock tree in this article.

Eastern Red Cedar Tree

A member of the juniper family, eastern red cedar tree is a highly variable plant native to the eastern half of North America. Learn how to grow and maintain the eastern red cedar tree.

Fruitless Mulberry Tree

An ideal plant for landscaping, fruitless mulberry tree is a unique fruit tree native to China. Learn more about how to grow and maintain fruitless mulberry tree.

Golden-chain Tree

Golden-chain tree is a small, vibrant flowering tree with pendulous clusters of flowers that brighten any yard. Learn how to grow and use golden-chain tree.

Golden-rain Tree

Golden-rain tree is a lush, colorful tree of Asian origin that blooms during the summer. It stands out because it is a yellow-flowering tree. Learn how to grow and use golden-rain tree.

Golden Weeping Willow Tree

Golden weeping willow tree is a fast-growing tree that offers texture and depth to any yard. Learn how to grow and use golden weeping willow tree.

Japanese Zelkova Tree

Japanese zelkova tree is a fast-growing tree often substituted for American elm because it resists Dutch elm disease. Learn how to grow and use the Japanese zelkova tree.

Kentucky Coffee Tree

Kentucky coffee tree is a member of pea family that loses nearly all its leaves during winter. Learn how to grow and maintain Kentucky coffee tree.

Lawson Cypress Tree

Lawson cypress tree is a striking columnar evergreen best used as a specimen tree. Learn how to grow, maintain and use Lawson cypress tree in your yard or garden.

Mountain Ash Tree

Mountain ash tree is a shrubby tree that is a member of the rose family. Learn how to use this small to medium size tree to brighten your yard or garden.

Paper Birch Tree

Noted for its peeling bark, paper birch is a stunning tree native to northern climates. Learn how to grow and maintain paper birch tree in your yard or garden.

Tips for Ground Covers and Vines

Ground covers and vines play unique roles in the garden. They can beautify, conceal and support -- sometimes all at once. Check out this article for tips on incorporating these wonderful plants into your garden.

Tips for Growing Shade Trees and Evergreens

Shade trees bring comfort to your yard on a hot, summer day, while evergreens give you year-round color and beauty. Get tips for planting and growing shade trees and evergreens.

Tips for Growing Fruits

Growing fruit is a surefire way to add touches of color and charm to your garden. Check out this article for advice on planning a fruit garden, growing berries, and growing fruit trees.

Tips for Growing Flowering Trees

Flowering trees are excellent additions to smaller gardens. They bring beauty and shade to the landscape without taking up too much space. Learn about planting flowering trees in your garden.

Tips for Growing Shrubs

Planting shrubs in your garden can add beauty and privacy to your landscape. A few easy steps can help your shrubs thrive. Learn tips to help you grow healthy and beautiful garden shrubs.

Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree

Ginkgo, or maidenhair tree, is a now-extinct oriental tree. Its seeds, which smell like rancid butter, are used in herbal tonics. This flowering plant is a good city street tree. Learn about the ginkgo.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a small ornamental shrub or tree that grows up to 20 feet in height and spread. It generally is the last shrub of the year to bloom. Learn about this shrub.

Beech, American

The American beech is a tall shade tree that can grow larger than 80 feet. Its leaves are green in summer and golden-bronze in fall. It has edible nuts. Learn about American beech tree.