Trichodiadema olearea

Trichodiadema olearea is a cactus that belongs to the same family as the living stones plant. It is a shrubby succulent with long, slender, arched branches and short, plump, cylindrical leaves.

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Trichodiadema oleara is a type of cactus related to the living stones plant.
Trichodiadema olearea. See more pictures of cacti.

At the end of each leaf is a cluster of small, hairy bristles or spines. This cluster, or crown, is responsible for its scientific name "tricho; hair;" "diademea; crown."

At night, moisture condenses on these hairs and the water is collected down into the tip of the leaf. In seedlings these "hair crowns" appear very large in proportion to the leaf.

Give it bright light, cool nights, good air circulation and heavy soil with excellent drainage. Do not overwater. Drench and let dry.

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