What Exactly are Tsunamis and How Do They Work? Let HowStuffWorks Explain With Its New Content Feature

ATLANTA (January 5, 2005) - Following the devastating earthquake of December 26, 2004, the word "tsunami" has become part of everyone's vocabulary. News updates inform a global audience of the continually escalating death toll, which has now topped 150,000. The impact of these extraordinary natural disasters has been made strikingly clear, but for many, there are still questions as to what tsunamis are and how they work.

HowStuffWorks has created a new content feature that aims to explain tsunamis using striking photos, descriptive illustrations and enlightening statistics that all culminate to answer the question of how tsunamis work. Beginning with the anatomy of a wave, the article chronicles "tsunamigenesis," the birth of a tsunami. From there, HowStuffWorks explains the landfall phase of a tsunami and details the available prediction mechanisms.

Robert Valdes, a HowStuffWorks staff writer who contributed to the story, commented "Our goal with the article was to empower people across the globe with information on how tsunamis work. The stories and images that are streaming across all forms of media beg the question of how a natural disaster can be so devastating, and we developed this feature to help answer that question. We have also included links at the end of the article where those interested can make donations to help those impacted by the latest tsunami."

To access this feature, visit https://science.howstuffworks.com/tsunami.htm. HowStuffWorks is completely free, appropriate for all ages and does not require any form of registration.

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