Tufted Hairgrass

Tufted hairgrass's brown flower spikes last all the way into winter. See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Tufted hairgrass is a hardy decorative grass that is equally suitable for sunny and shady areas. Like most decorative grasses, it is easy to care for.

The dark foliage of tufted hairgrass remains green all year long, creating a point of winter interest in the border.


Small, brown flower spikes are produced in summer but last into the winter.

Tufted Hairgrass Quick Facts:

Scientific Name: Deschampsia caespitosa

Common Name: Tufted hairgrass

Type of Plant: Perennial

Growing Zones for Tufted Hairgrass: Hardy to zone 3

Growing Conditions for Tufted Hairgrass: Sun or shade

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