Umbrella Plant

Umbrella plant has bracts that are arranged like the spokes of an umbrella. See more pictures of house plants.

Umbrella plant -- also sometimes called umbrella palm -- is unusual in as it prefers to be kept wet at all times.

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The umbrella plant bears clusters of green, 18-inch to four-foot stems topped off by green bracts arranged like umbrella spokes. Green flowers quickly fading to brown appear among the bracts.

This is one of the rare indoor plants that likes to be kept soaking wet at all times; it is easily grown in a dish of water. Brown leaf tips will result if it is allowed to dry out. Watch out for spider mites.


Umbrella Plant Quick Facts

Scientific name: Cyperus alternifolius

Common Names: Umbrella Plant, Umbrella Palm


Light Requirement for Umbrella Plant: Full Sun to Filtered Light

Water Requirement for Umbrella Plant: Very Moist

Humidity for Umbrella Plant: High

Temperature for Umbrella Plant: House to Cool

Fertilizer for Umbrella Plant: Balanced

Potting Mix for Umbrella Plant: All-Purpose

Propagation of Umbrella Plant: Division, Stem Cuttings

Decorative Use for Umbrella Plant: Floor, Table

Care Rating for Umbrella Plant: Easy


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Learn how to care for house plants:

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