5 Steps to Create a Unique Branch Decor

Other Décor Uses for Wood

By bringing in rustic materials from the outdoors, you can get inspired to revamp an area in your home that is seldom used. Here, a few scraps of gorgeous wood quickly become a natural nest for luminescent tea lights, perfect for setting an unused fireplace aglow.

Begin by perusing your yard or nearby woods for large scraps of wood. Large, solid pieces like birch logs work wonderfully, but you can also include smaller, irregular pieces, combining several shapes and textures for a natural, artistic aesthetic.

Piece your wood together as desired, securing the materials with decking screws and a drill. With a large drill bit make holes along flat, sturdy regions of the wood. Place the wood piece directly into the fireplace or on top of a grate. Securely fix small tea candles into the holes, then light.

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