How Universal Remotes Work

Programming Electronics with Universal Remotes

As individual home-entertainment systems and electronic device setups differ from one person to the next, so, too, will the commands that you program into your universal remote. Your original manufacturer's remote will have a booklet that contains all the programming commands you need, and these will work with your universal remote as well. And many remote control commands have also been posted online at sites like

One great thing about many universal remotes is that they can be programmed with macros, which enable you to program several commands into one button. For example, you can program a macro that turns on both your TV and satellite dish with a single press of a button. Or you can program your TV and DVD player to turn on at the same time. The instruction manual that comes with your universal remote will contain a list of macro functions for your remote that can be programmed or downloaded from the universal remote developer's Web site.

Now that we've surveyed the introductory issues pertaining to universal remotes, we'll take a look at some of their advantages and disadvantages in the next section.