Can all washers use high-efficiency detergent?

By: Emilie Sennebogen

Top-Loaders and HE Detergent

Most top-loaders, as we all know, work by filling a water-tight basket full of water and twisting and turning your clothes until they're clean. They're generally less energy-efficient than the front loaders, but there are some HE models available that load at the top. In any case, using HE detergent in a top load washer is just fine. Even the non-HE models will work with the HE detergent. Since it's based on a low-suds formula though, you may not be thrilled with the level of fragrance. But since it's a more efficient concentrate that will save you some money, it's worth it to give the HE detergent a try in your regular washer. Just remember the law of the wash -- HE detergent is fine for both, but only HE detergents can used in the HE machines.


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