Growing Watercress

Watercress needs a very wet environment to grow.
Watercress needs a very wet environment to grow.

Although watercress is easily grown from seed, it is usually propagated in temperate climates from stem-pieces, which root easily in wet soil. Sow seeds of watercress directly in wet garden soils two to three weeks before the average date of last frost. Cuttings can be taken from the watercress you buy at the grocery. Watercress prefers sun in the North, dappled shade in the South.

Sow the seeds thickly 1/4 inch deep. Mulch lightly if high water is likely to wash seeds from their bed. As watercress becomes established, the plants will spread and float on the edges of streams, rooting into the soil below.

Harvesting Watercress

Pick plants when needed for a pungent, peppery flavor.

Types of Watercress:

Dutch matures in 53 days.

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