What type of grass is used on putting greens?

Bent grass is renowned for its fine, beautiful blades. This tufted grass, however, is one of the more high-maintenance types of grass on the market, requiring a lot of attention. Bent grass is commonly used in the more luxurious lawn seed mixes. Those elegant English country estates or lush putting greens that you may have seen in movies or on television probably use bent grass.

While this type of grass comes in different versions, the bent grass that's most popular is the one that requires constant care - blue grass. While some people say that blue grass is more trouble than it's worth, the aesthetic appeal of its bright colors and narrow blades are hard to resist. Bent grass is a cool-weather favorite that takes time to establish. However, after the initial period, this grass will grow into a dense and most impressive lawn. Blue grass requires diligence on your part, which means fertilizing, watering and mowing on a fairly regular basis. Beyond that, this grass needs to be treated regularly with pesticides in order to remain healthy.


There are some types of bent grass that are lower maintenance, such as colonial bent grass. If you don't have the time or patience to maintain a lawn, then you would be well advised to use grass that's highly tolerant and doesn't require too much tender loving care from you; in other words, steer clear of bent grass. If you plan on using your lawn for parties and other events, then there are types of grass around that are especially suitable for lawns that get a lot of foot traffic. Furthermore, climate is another key factor in deciding which grass is best suited for your lawn.