Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine can be grown successfully in a greenhouse or sunroom. See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Winter jasmine rivals regular jasmine every bit in both beauty and scent. Although its name may hint at a preference for cold conditions, it is a perennial vine for warmer climates.

The lusciously scented, starry white flowers of this jasmine open in late winter to early spring. It makes a 10-foot vine in warmer climates and may be grown in a greenhouse in temperate areas.

Full sun and temperatures of 50º to 60º Fahrenheit in winter induce the most prolific bloom.

Winter Jasmine Quick Facts:

Scientific Name: Jasminum polyanthum

Common Name: Winter jasmine

Type of Plant: Perennial vine

Growing Zones for Winter Jasmine: Hardy to zone 9

Growing Conditions for Winter Jasmine: Full sun, 50º to 60º Fahrenheit

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