Zen Backyard

Relax in a fresh, clean Zen garden.
Relax in a fresh, clean Zen garden.


  1. Remove all of the debris from the backyard.
  2. Clean up all of the unnecessary shrubbery from the backyard.
  3. Remove the weeds and brush from the backyard.
  4. It's time to re-work the patio stones in the backyard.  Put cinder blocks where the patio stones will go.  Then place the stones down and jump on them to secure their place.
  5. Mark the ground where the different gravel is going to go.
  6. Now it is time to spread the gavel.
  7. Paint the fence a nice olive green color.
  8. Remove the old rotten part of the fence.
  9. Also remove the rotten planks of wood on the deck and replace with fresh wood.
  10. Stain the patio stones.
  11. Now it is time to enjoy the serenity.