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Growing catnip is super easy to do at home and it's one more thing that you don't have to buy at the pet store. It's like growing an herb, in fact, catnip is in the mint family. You can grow it in the garden or if you don?t have a garden you can also grow it as a potted plant. The only tricky thing that you have to look out for is keeping it away from your cat who cannot resist destroying it.

Tips For Growing Catnip:

1.Start the seed in two-inch pots with some good compost. Plant the seeds just below the surface. The top of the fridge is a good place for the seeds to germinate. Expose the young plants to full sun as soon as they start sprouting and make sure that they don't dry out.

2.Consider planting it in a hanging house plant to ensure that your kitty cannot reach it.

3.As the plant grows, pinch the new leaves off so that the plant bushes out faster and produces more leaves.

4.Catnip needs tons of sunshine.

5.You can grow catnip from seed, but also consider checking out the local greenhouse for a plant that's already started.

6.When the first round of buds appear, snip them off and set them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Bake them at 190 degrees with the door open a crack. After they're dry, store in the freezer.

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