10 Things You Should Never Throw Away

Rubber Bands
Among the reuses for rubber bands? Colorful bracelets! aijjohn784/iStock/Thinkstock

Rubber bands are a junk drawer staple (right next to the actual staples, coincidentally) and should never, under any circumstance, be thrown out. If you have small children, then you are familiar with the Parent's Rule of Rubber Bands and Tape, which states: "In the event that you should throw out a rubber band or finish a roll of Scotch tape, your children will immediately and desperately need said rubber band or tape for their school project."

Rubber bands are also a simple solution to loads of annoying household problems. Try these creative ideas [sources: Breyer and Reader's Digest]:

  • Wrap a large rubber band around the top and bottom of an open paint can for a cleaner way to wipe off paint brushes.
  • Wrap two rubber bands around the edges of a cutting board to stop it from slipping.
  • Wrap a thick rubber band around hard-to-open jar lids.
  • Triple-wrap a rubber band around the middle of a wooden spoon or spatula to stop it from sliding into the mixing bowl.
  • Childproof two cabinet doors by wrapping a rubber band tightly around adjoining handles.