Give a Cold Shoulder to Heated Garages

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We all like to be comfortable. No one walks around saying, "I can't wait to sit in my horrible cactus chair." It just never happens. One of the most uncomfortable things to deal with is the cold. It's cold in our garages, therefore, we might heat the garage to eliminate our discomfort. Not so fast, Cold-o. Here are two good reasons to not heat your garage.

1. Energy


Unless your garage is doing more than just storing your car, heating it is not a judicious use of energy. Avoiding a few moments of cold, isn't worth the energy expenditure. Especially since...

2. Rust

A heated garage is bad for your car. It decreases the car's overall lifespan. If you're heating your garage to prolong your car battery, you'd be better off wasting a battery and hanging onto a car.

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Heat accelerates oxidation, also known as rust. You drive in the garage with snow and ice on your car, it melts, and the water and salt mix in that nice, warm petri dish and, come morning, there's less of your car there.


Insulate Your Garage

You best bet is to insulate your garage. This will conserve your battery power and extend your car's lifespan at the same time. You can insulate your garage door. And make sure to insulate the area between the garage and the house to increase your home's energy efficiency.