How to Make Stencils from Used Cardboard

cardboard stencil photo Images

Stencils, if you ask me, are a beautiful thing. The simple use of paint and a stencil can bring new life to any old object. It can make walls stand out and make old, rugged furniture suddenly seem cool. A lot of people buy their stencils brand new, but I can't say that I understand exactly why. Stencils are incredibly easy to make yourself. All that you need is cardboard and an Exact-O knife. Now, we all have left over cardboard (Don't fool yourself by thinking you don't! Even your cereal box from this morning can be used as a stencil when you're through with it).

Granted, not all stencil designs are as easily created by hand as others.


Here are some cool designs that are relatively easy to do by hand, though. Use a picture of one of these objects for reference, draw the outline for your stencil on your cardboard, cut it out, and you're ready to go.

- Cats

- Unicorns -Dogs


- Plants/Flowers

- Cassette Tape

- Bikes

- Candles

- Letters

- Butterflies

- Birds

- Elephants

- Skull & Cross Bones

- Rabbits


- Drums

- Music Notes

- Baseball Bat

- Stars

- Hearts

Use your imagination! You'll be surprised at the things you can come up with. The beautiful thing? You'll be putting that cardboard to use!