How to Host a Kids' Halloween Party

Kids' Halloween parties range from silly to scary. Just be sure your entertainment isn't too intense for little ones. See more pictures of Halloween.

Halloween is upon us and nothing says party like a slew of little people in costumes running around your house all hopped-up on sugar. Halloween is a great holiday to host a kiddie shindig because what child doesn't love to dress up and play with friends?

When sitting down to plan your party, try to start at least a month out. The first thing you need to do is pick a date and plan your guest list. How many kids do you want to invite? Use your child's age as a guideline. If your daughter is 5, invite five of her BFFs. If your son is 9, ask him which of his nine best buddies he wants to come. And so on. Of course space is an issue, so be sure to limit your guest list to the number of kids that is manageable in your space. In addition, you'll need enough chaperones to keep an eye on your guests, so plan ahead.

Invites for kids' parties are best sent via snail mail, giving you the opportunity to include important information. Be sure to set a firm start and end time, and give parents a good idea of what activities will be going on, so they can choose appropriate costumes.

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